Reviews: Why I never spare a bad review

I just posted a movie review (a very short one) of a pretty terrible movie that I had the displeasure to watch on Hulu today. After writing this review I got to thinking: should writers spare bad reviews? It's always been my opinion that reviews are for exactly that, a review, and that nothing should be spared when completely tearing apart a movie, book, magazine, website, what have you, that you don't like.

Reviews are written so that an audience can know whether or not it is worth their time to persue something, or to buy something, or to watch something, reviews are there to inform and to help make decisions, not so that writers can show how fanciful and happy they can make something sound. I'm sure there are writers who would disagree with me.

I hardly ever write a completely scathing review either, it's just sometimes I really need to let the world know how completely horrid something is so that nobody else ever has the misfortune of stumbling on a bad movie or a bad book and being subjected to its terribleness.

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