Why Should People Read My Blog? Because I Say So.

Just today I came across an article on Copyblogger titled: "Why Should Anyone Read Your Blog?" and while I found many of the points very informative, and generally true, there was one I found pompous and completely untrue.

"If you actually make 7 figures on the Web, you are allowed to start a “making money online” blog. 
If not, well, don’t."
Honestly? Really? I make a small amount of money online, in fact what I make in a month would be chump change compared even to a minimum wage job. Does that mean that I shouldn't be writing this blog? No, it doesn't. I write this blog as a sort of informative, public, personal journal about the things that I'm learning as I delve deeper into the world of freelance writing. I've made money online, I'll continue making money online, I'm an active reader of some of the greatest bloggers out there, I've done a hell of a lot of research, I think that gives me authority enough to be writing this "make money writing online" blog of mine.


Writing Style: Robotic vs. Personalized

Writing style is everything when it comes to writing for an audience. It’s important to keep in mind that your audience wants something that is both informative and easy to read. Many writers have a hard time distinguishing the line between overly informative articles that border on robotic tone, and overly personalized articles that don’t give objective information on a subject. It’s important to learn to draw the line when writing, as an article that is too informative can often be dry and hard to read, while an article that is focused heavily on personal experience can turn into too much of a conversation with oneself. Both sides of the writing style spectrum have benefits, but like most things it is necessary to find equilibrium.

More informative articles can be jam-packed with information, and should the reader be willing to wade through the dry writing they’ll find a wealth of facts that can suit their needs quite nicely. Some people even like this style of writing.

Personalized writings have the ability to sway, to present opinions, and to present information that is and useful, if somewhat biased. Personalized writing is often easier, and more enjoyable to read, which is what makes it powerful when writing opinion pieces and personal accounts and journals.

It goes without saying that the best writing is writing that is written right down the middle of this spectrum. In my opinion those writings with perhaps a slight swing towards being more personalized are best. Writing that is able to present information and facts, but that is also able to expound on that information with projections, opinions, and anecdotes; that is the best writing in my eyes. 

Constant Content: My First Steps

A few days ago I submitted my first few articles to Constant Content, and I've been nervously chewing my fingernails ever since hoping that they'll be accepted. Constant Content is my first real foray into the world of freelance writing, up until now it's been article writing, and in my mind they're two different things.

From what I've read about Constant Content in their forums and on other freelancing forums Constant Content is a great place for writers to be. Apparently about 70% of articles that get submitted, sell. In fact, when looking around their forum, a common theme/expression kept popping up about customers willing to buy articles: "If you write, they will come". Nobody seems discontent about their experience on Constant Content, and many, from what I have seen, get a sizable chunk of their income from writing for Constant Content.

So, I'm pretty excited to be working on Constant Content, and hopefully the articles that I've submitted will be accepted, and more importantly hopefully they'll get sold.

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Freelance Writing: Not for the Impatient

Unfortunately the well known stereotype about writers being poor and unable to bring home the bacon is often true. Writing is easy, but writing to please others (readers), whether it be through a book about acupuncture or an informative article on elephant tranquilizers, is hard.

Nowadays traditional freelance writers often find job opportunities by sending cover letters to magazine editors, or by writing an article for a local newspaper and submitting it for review, basically by getting their names out there so that they can gain enough clout to be able to publish their works in a steady and reliable way.

Image representing Bukisa as depicted in Crunc...There are, however, opportunities for writers who wish to work solely on the internet. Websites like Constant-Content, Bukisa, Elance, Suite101, and many others offer online writers a chance to publish their works to already established websites where they can be seen, provided the writer takes the time to make them visible. Sites like Constant Content and Suite101 offer writers the opportunity to have their articles sold for use by others, often to the highest bidder.

These websites offer a unique opportunity to those who don't know how to begin freelance writing, or don't wish to employ the traditional means, for whatever reason.

The catch for writing on online content websites is that, except in special cases and for websites that exclusively cater to freelancers, any articles that you write will need to be advertised in some way by you, the website you publish on will not do this for you. This means that social bookmarking sites like digg, stumbleupon, and reddit will become your best resource. As a result, simply publishing your articles to these websites will not instantly result in a lot of profit, they need to become indexed by search engines, they need to become popular, and most importantly: they need to get viewed.

Experiment Results

The results are in! After spending a whole lot of time on myLot yesterday posting and starting discussions and reading news headlines and getting into some of the blog there, it seems my total income from all of that was about $0.40

I would consider this a decent amount of money for what I did on myLot, and admittedly I did spend quite a lot of my time just reading other discussions looking for ones that I wanted to contribute to. This is an especially decent amount of money for the forum troll in all of us.

I plan to continue to use myLot. Obviously I'm not going to get rich on myLot but it's bound to be a great place to drop by when you're bored, so  I'll drop by myLot and probably get lost in its depths when I am. Because let me tell you, there are quite a lot of discussions on myLot, and most of them are active.

So, for those of you who like reading and being a part of a forum community, I highly suggest that you check out mylot, because it's definitely a good community to be involved with. There are subforums on almost every topic imaginable, and they're all active, and people are always willing to have a discussion. And to top that off you get paid, and everyone would love a few bucks here and there for things they do on the internet already right?

At the end of the week I'll post my total earnings for the week from myLot.

The Experiment Starts: myLot or Not?

Today is the day that I will begin my myLot 6+ hour challenge. I will spend at least 6 hours of my time on myLot today, and tomorrow we will see what I have earned from it.

Click Here If you don't know what myLot is and you'd like to learn more.

Let the experiment begin!

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