Past Experience: Triond

I pretty much started off my writing online "career" (if you can call it that) on Triond. So I decided to write about my experience on Triond and to explain why I'm not writing on Triond anymore. This is not to say that Triond isn't right for you, it's just not a website that I want to write for anymore.

What is Triond?

Triond is a content publishing website that offers to pay you 50% of the ad revenue that they get when someone is reading your content. So, for example, say I have a piece published as a book review, and say there is a contextual ad placed on my page about said book, if someone who is reading my article decides they want to click on that ad and see where it takes them, I get 50% of whatever revenue that ad-click gets me. For more on how Adsense works check out the Adsense support page

In the Beginning

At first I loved writing for Triond, I started to write articles as often as possible, and as well as possible, and I started to rake in some money (I still am because my content is still there) it wasn't much, but it was still more than I was making anywhere else on the internet (nothing). I was excited because a whole new world was opened up to me. Well the door quickly closed on that dream because I started to realize some things about Triond that almost completely turned me off to the site.

What went wrong?

Well, for starters I found myself drawn to Triond's forums because I felt that such a wonderful website must have a wonderful community right? Wrong. The community at Triond was appallingly immature and unable to write well enough in a forum post to make any sense. I was desperately searching through the forum for anybody posting there that had a modicum of maturity and writing ability, but to no avail. 

In addition to that I started to take a closer look at the sites that published works from Triond (Triond publishes content on multiple websites that they own) and not surprisingly I found them all to be cookie cutter websites that all looked the same except for a few color variations and a few different graphics. 

I also started looking at some of the content that others were posting on Triond, specifically the articles that were linked back to mine as a "you might like" link. I started to realize that the majority of people who wrote on Triond weren't looking to write quality content to inform and to feel that sense of accomplishment at writing on the internet. They were writing to make money, and solely to make money. I even found an article on Triond that gave tips for making more revenue, and among those tips was the advice that you should favor quantity over quality. The nerve!

So in summation there were 3 main reasons that I left Triond: 
  1. Poor Community: The community was immature and incapable of writing coherently.
  2. Unprofessional, Cookie Cutter Sites: The sites that posted the content were all the same. 
  3. Low Quality of Articles: The individuals writing on Triond favored Quantity over Quality.

 Looking Back...

Now, looking back I can still feel a fondness for Triond because it was where I got started on the internet and it was a good opportunity to get my feet wet. I learned a lot of things on Triond, mainly what articles get the most traffic and I learned that backlinks to your blog are a good way to get some extra readership! 

My experience on Triond was not a bad one at all, it just turned out that Triond was not "write" for me.

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