Revenue Sharing Websites: What's all the hype?

Well, that's the thing really. There is no hype. I feel like every time I talk to someone about writing on the internet like I do, they get really confused, and I end up explaining (while talking really fast) every websites that I've ever used to explore writing on the internet, and I end up being really enthusiastic and sending them a referral link for something that they'll probably never do. It's sad really.

This, however, opens up a whole new door for those who are willing to really try though. There's so little people out there that know about these websites that there's a huge amount of people willing to participate in these things. Revenue sharing sites seem to know this too, because almost all of them provide you with a referral link that can eventually gain you a second, albeit weaker, stream of income coming from writing on the internet. Take Bukisa for example, they have a 3 tiered referral system. You get money from showcasing your own articles, as well as for any articles that your referred friends have written, as well as their referred friends, and even your friends' friends' referred friends (confusing right?).

So if there's such potential for people to make money writing on the internet, then why don't you hear about people all over doing it? The only people I've ever met who write like I do, are people I've met on the very websites that I write on.

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