A New Experiment

As you might know from previous posts, or if you know me on the internet, then you know that I've recently found a website called myLot. myLot is a website that allows you to basically troll around (not in the bad way) on a forum so as to create content, and get paid for it. The website owners have incentive to pay you to do this because they run ads on their website and they get traffic to the content that you produce by posting. It's a very interesting website that I enjoy, and I'm rather excited to know about the earning potential for myLot.

That's why I'm going to do a little experiment.

Apparently, people like to sit on myLot all day long because it's so addictive. Well, not only am I going to test the addictiveness of myLot, I'm going to test the profitability of myLot. My experiment will be this: I'll spend the whole day (at least 6 hours) on myLot posting and generally just contributing to it, and by the end of the day, we'll see how profitable it will have ended up being (for that one day).

Eventually this idea will turn into a whole week on myLot to see a more long term profitability margin.

So, to sum it all up here's a list of future posts on the subject.

The experiment begins Wednesday!

  1. One day on myLot: An experiment
    1. Residual income from that 
  2. One week on myLot: An Experiment continued 
    1. Residual income from that (after another week)
This might become a running theme, and who knows? I might become popular and well known on myLot. 

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