Purpose? I have none: My first steps writing online

I wonder whether people will ever read this blog and say "gosh, that's some good information" or "gee I wish I had known that..."

Hopefully that's the case in the future. I'm writing this blog as a way of sort of chronicling my adventures through the world of online writing. I'll also probably use it as an engine for shameless self promotion (hey, it's my blog you know).

Anyway, enough potatoes on to the meat.

I've been writing online for several months now, to hardly any avail, sure I've probably made something like $20 but in the long run that's hardly anything. I think my problem is that I can never stay at the same website for very long as none of them really capture my attention. I don't think that I've found the website that's "write" for me quite yet (punny!).

Today I spent a good 3 hours researching websites that will probably be good for me to write on, and will be a change of venue from the sites that I previously used. The ones I'm most excited about, and the ones that I feel will have the most potential for payout and sense of accomplishment are Constant Content, Bukisa, and Squidoo. If you're interested in writing online then I can only encourage you to check those sites out, right now there the best I've found for what I'm looking for, but other sites might work for you too.

Looks like that's the end of my long-winded introduction. Welcome to A Writer's Exploits and I hope you enjoy watching my journey! 

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