Writing Style: Robotic vs. Personalized

Writing style is everything when it comes to writing for an audience. It’s important to keep in mind that your audience wants something that is both informative and easy to read. Many writers have a hard time distinguishing the line between overly informative articles that border on robotic tone, and overly personalized articles that don’t give objective information on a subject. It’s important to learn to draw the line when writing, as an article that is too informative can often be dry and hard to read, while an article that is focused heavily on personal experience can turn into too much of a conversation with oneself. Both sides of the writing style spectrum have benefits, but like most things it is necessary to find equilibrium.

More informative articles can be jam-packed with information, and should the reader be willing to wade through the dry writing they’ll find a wealth of facts that can suit their needs quite nicely. Some people even like this style of writing.

Personalized writings have the ability to sway, to present opinions, and to present information that is and useful, if somewhat biased. Personalized writing is often easier, and more enjoyable to read, which is what makes it powerful when writing opinion pieces and personal accounts and journals.

It goes without saying that the best writing is writing that is written right down the middle of this spectrum. In my opinion those writings with perhaps a slight swing towards being more personalized are best. Writing that is able to present information and facts, but that is also able to expound on that information with projections, opinions, and anecdotes; that is the best writing in my eyes. 

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