Experiment Results

The results are in! After spending a whole lot of time on myLot yesterday posting and starting discussions and reading news headlines and getting into some of the blog there, it seems my total income from all of that was about $0.40

I would consider this a decent amount of money for what I did on myLot, and admittedly I did spend quite a lot of my time just reading other discussions looking for ones that I wanted to contribute to. This is an especially decent amount of money for the forum troll in all of us.

I plan to continue to use myLot. Obviously I'm not going to get rich on myLot but it's bound to be a great place to drop by when you're bored, so  I'll drop by myLot and probably get lost in its depths when I am. Because let me tell you, there are quite a lot of discussions on myLot, and most of them are active.

So, for those of you who like reading and being a part of a forum community, I highly suggest that you check out mylot, because it's definitely a good community to be involved with. There are subforums on almost every topic imaginable, and they're all active, and people are always willing to have a discussion. And to top that off you get paid, and everyone would love a few bucks here and there for things they do on the internet already right?

At the end of the week I'll post my total earnings for the week from myLot.

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