Constant Content: My First Steps

A few days ago I submitted my first few articles to Constant Content, and I've been nervously chewing my fingernails ever since hoping that they'll be accepted. Constant Content is my first real foray into the world of freelance writing, up until now it's been article writing, and in my mind they're two different things.

From what I've read about Constant Content in their forums and on other freelancing forums Constant Content is a great place for writers to be. Apparently about 70% of articles that get submitted, sell. In fact, when looking around their forum, a common theme/expression kept popping up about customers willing to buy articles: "If you write, they will come". Nobody seems discontent about their experience on Constant Content, and many, from what I have seen, get a sizable chunk of their income from writing for Constant Content.

So, I'm pretty excited to be working on Constant Content, and hopefully the articles that I've submitted will be accepted, and more importantly hopefully they'll get sold.

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